The magic of colours

Colours can tell you much about a person.

KöniginChildren like to use very intense,  gaudy colours. They are very spontaneous and they want to express themselves freely. They let their emotions and their energies flow in a natural way, straight from their heart. That is why, when we are looking at childrens' drawings, we feel a spontaneous joy; we feel something in our heart, the child in us breathes.

Unfortunately in the west we are very mind orientated and in the advancing years we are giving the calculating mind more attention and in this way we are loosing the childlike spontaneity and joy. Colours express these changes in a vivid way. My father has worked for years as a Psychotherapist, and he has shown me many drawings from people. It is unbelievable, how much you can read out of paintings; from the colours, the composition and from the strokes of the brush… Especially the chosen colours give us an immediate positive or negative feeling. Intense, bright and happy clours give us an immediate positive impulse and make us happy. Pictures also do have a very strong influence on the atmosphere in the room. For instance Feng Shui  works also with colours. Certain colours are related to designated areas in the room and carefully chosen to enforce or diminish certain energies in the room. I have read about hospitals, that are picking certain colours for their rooms to enhance the convalescence of their patients.

My favourite colours have been blue and green, but green change to yellow and later to red.

We see how strongly we are affected from the colours and that is why it is also very important, that we choose the right pictures and colours; the ones with influence us in a positive way and that is for everybody different. That makes every individual so unique, everybody has his special capacities, but also weaknesses.

Sri Chinmoy gives his art the name Jharna-Kala - fountain art. When Sri Chinmoy is painting, then he is in a very elevated consciousness and he is bringing from the source the “idea” onto the paper. He is using beautiful, bright colours and the composition of the colours is unbelievable harmonious. Like in childrens' drawings,in Sri Chinmoy's pictures, you can feel  the pristine joy and spontaneity. When I am looking at the pictures my consciousness is immediately lifted and I feel a sensation in my heart.

Poems from Sri Chinmoy

My Art is no art

Without my heart's purity.

The heart of my Art

 And the heart of a child

 Are extremely fond of each other.

 They love each other deeply;

 They need each other constantly;

 They are interdependent, sleeplessly.